What is the minimum order for cupcakes?
Minimum 6 cupcakes for standard size.
Minimum 12 cupcakes for mini size.

What is the lead time to order?
Preferable two weeks before the delivery date.

How much is the delivery cost?
We only deliver within Melbourne metro. Minimum delivery cost is $5.00 dependings on the location.

When and how to make the payment?
At this moment we only accept payment via bank transfer or cash. 50% of payment must be made upon placing the order. The rest of payment must be received at least 4 days before the required delivery date.

Do you provide cupcake stand?
Yes. We  can provide cupcake stand with the minimum hiring cost of $5.00 each depend on the type of the stand. We require a deposit of minimum $10.00 or more for each stand. We will refund the deposit upon the return of the stand(s).

How long can I keep my cakes/cupcakes?
It is best to consume the cupcakes on the day of delivery. However, you can still keep the cupcakes fresh for up to 2 days.

How to store the cakes/cupcakes?
The best to store the cupcakes at the room temperature.
Figures and decorative toppers are made of sugar paste, therefore they must only be kept dry and cool  at room temperature.  Figures kept at room temperature will fully harden after one or two weeks, and can be kept as decoration piece.

Can the figures be eaten?
Yes, they are edible. However, they are made from sugar paste which consist of high sugar content. It does not taste very nice as well.

Do you have special dietary cakes/cupcakes?
At the moment we do not cater for any special dietary cakes and cupcakes.

Can you provide individual boxes for the cupcakes?
Our cupcakes are packaged in a general cupcake box. However, if you require individual boxes, please contact us for a quote.